The Window Portrait Project (evolves)

This past March, I used the sudden Shelter in Place mandate as a catalyst to organize and clean up both my home and work spaces. I thought this was a temporary cosmic halt that would allow all of us — and especially the earth — to simply reset.

An intimate view at GenZ

Photo & Text ©SueBarr

Photo Essay and Text by ©Sue Barr

I would like to tell u a story and like all good stories it starts… Once upon a time …and like all good stories there’s a struggle, a longing and then when hope is almost gone a miracle happens.

Once upon a time there was a woman who had an awesome life. She traveled the world and worked with fashion designers, dated male models and partied with rock stars but her heart was empty. She tried to fill the emptiness with lovers and designer clothes and exotic vacations but nothing filled the gaping hole in her heart.

That woman was…

Sue Barr

Visual Storyteller

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